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Welcome to my Viral Marketing Experiment.  For those of you familiar with you know there was a storyline on the homepage about  a guy by the named of Carl Valentine who was supposed to risk his finger in a poker game.  Well I don't think it is a big surprise to most that this of course was just a funny story.

The intention of this website was to literally do an experiment with Viral Marketing. And I'm happy to announce that the experiment worked.  Within two days of launching the campaign this website was literally receiving thousands of hits.  All of the sudden started appearing on various blogs and in hundreds of different forums.  It was even written about in many international publications.  The website was literally viral from the day it went online.  My point in this experiment was to prove that it IS possible to open up a website and within days if not hours be receiving massive traffic.  Internet marketing is a numbers game, regardless of what you are selling or how you are monetizing your website, Traffic is KING! Alex Tew used the same principal of Viral Marketing to make his MillionDollarHomepage explode so fast.

Now, why the crazy story about saving someone's finger you may ask?  Quite simple, in order to be successful in this experiment I had to come up with something that was either extremely funny or downright outrageous.  I think it is clear what category this website fell into.  This was a well thought out story that bordered on the line of "Well it could be possible" to "This is obviously a hoax" to "I'm sure it's true but this guy is a nut".  You see, nobody outside the internet marketing world could really decipher if this was true or not.  Hence the reason the buzz grew so quickly and it was being talked about everywhere.

If you were offended by the website, I apologize.  Again this was just a fun experiment to show how viral marketing works.  Check back here often for a more in depth report to exactly how I pulled off this feat of achieving the massive amounts of traffic that I did in such a short amount of time.

Thanks for stopping by!

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